8th Grade Spanish - Bienvenidos


How to navigate this site:

  • Tarea is the homework page, and is updated each day for homework by due date.
  • Proyectos lists projects, as they are assigned, with a brief description, assigned date, and due date.
  • Calendario lists upcoming events, such as quizzes (Pruebas) and tests (Examenes), or project due dates.
  • Worksheets includes some of the handouts or homework pages from class.
  • Teacher email: Lynn_Hanley@wrsd.net


  • Check Tarea daily if you miss writing the homework in your agenda book or you are absent. Some worksheets can be found on the Worksheet page.
  • Calendario can help you remember due dates for projects, or upcoming quizzes/tests.
  • Proyectos lists the projects that have been assigned, and when they are due.